Telecom, Inc.’s suite of Predictive Outbound Services is a powerful tool designed to optimize each customer interaction by enhancing brand loyalty, improving customer satisfaction and exceeding business goals.

Our breadth of experience with managing major telemarketing projects for some of the nation’s finest companies has allowed us to maximize our efficiency and deliver goal orientated results at a reasonable cost.

Our Outbound solutions specialize in both business-to-consumer and business-to-business teleservices programs.

Services include:


Lead Generation

Market Research


Appointment Setting

Lead Qualification

Sales (Up-Selling & Cross-Selling)

Event Invitation and Registration

Our human and technological expertise makes it possible to tie together data from different areas and seamlessly present our sales agents with a more viable sales lead.

By using elements such as demographic information, behavioral details and purchase history, we can dramatically increase the productivity of your sales and retention projects.

Our multi-channel solutions unify Inbound, Outbound, Online, and Interactive Voice Response Services with a host of other functionalities to offer you a unified, comprehensive solution.